Slowmotion of a clip or parts of the clip

I am trying to put a slowmotion filter on a clip that I inserted into the video track.

Ideally the video should trainsition from normal speed to slowmotion over a period of maybe 2-3 seconds, or according to user setting like the fade in/out.

Anyone knows if this is possible to do?

Thanks again.

Set the speed of the clip to < 1.0, maybe <?> 0.5, what would be the half of the original speed and drag the clip over the previous clip, and, while dragging, you will see the duration of the transition.


Hi Earlybite
Thanks, makes total sense.
Searching for how to set that speed. If you have time, youre welcome to let me know, but now I am on the right track :slight_smile:Thanks.
Brgds Christian

OK found it. SPEED is under “Properties” of the clip. At the top. Thanks.

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