Slow motion cut frame problem

So i’ve been experimenting with this slow motion mode, where I split the part I wanted it to slow, however when it goes on to the remaining part of the video it looks like a glitch just happened.
So as you can see, the video slows correctly when the person jumps, then when he’s about to hit, it sort of just glitches away
Anyone wanna give a shot at this problem?

Did you make space for the slow part? My experience with Shotcut is, setting a speed reduction does not take into account the extra amount of space needed for the frames, and will overwrite frames after the slow motion.
So it will jump from the slow motion to a later moment in the footage because part has been overwritten.

My workaround for this is to first copy the selected part for the slow motion, then paste it at the end of the selected part. By this, everything else moves to the right. Then delete the copied part and there is free space for a 50% speed reduction.
For more speed reduction copy and delete more.

That was a great tip! it worked! Thanks

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