Slideshow transition with filter error

Slideshow transition with filter error.

  • WIN 7-64bit.
  • SC 06/28-28-64bit.

I have discovered a strange error here.
To make it easier to understand, here is the film documentation.

This is not a bug. You added a filter to the transition, which is a discrete clip. So, the filter only applies during the transition and affects the output of the transition (after combining both clips). If you want the filter to be on the clip before the transition and within the transition, then you must select the clip before when adding a filter.

I think I forgot to say that the clip that is before the transition has an effect even though it has no filter.

Did you edit this screen recording to skip some steps?
There is a filter on Output. How did it get there? When I try to reproduce the steps (exactly as far as I can tell), a filter is not placed on Output.

Here is how a filter was added to Output. It was added in some step preceeding this screen recording video. Then, you removed all the tracks and created the slideshow. When the first track is added Output reappears with the filter. Technically, that is correct behavior but perhaps Output and the timeline ruler should not be hidden when you remove all tracks.

No, I haven’t edited it!
But I did not notice that Filter on ‘Output’!

It was that filter on Output as you described.
I’m sorry for this false alarm.
I reproduced it very new again and there’s no bug anymore, phew…

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