Slideshow generator crash

Windows 10, 8GB RAM. Shotcut 20.09.27 64bit.

For a project, I have 937 images coming from many sources (smartphones, digital camera, etc.) on the playlist and select all to add to the slideshow.
Set the clip duration to 4 seconds (I would use 3s but I know there is still a work in process to permit this - thanks for that!), aspect conversion to Pad Blur, transition duration to 1s and transition type to random.
If I wait for the preview it crashes silently aftew few minutes.
If I don’t wait for the preview, it crashes during the task with the following error: “GLib-ERROR **: gmem.c239: failed to allocate 4194304 bytes aborting…”

As a workaround, I repeat the process ten times with 100 images per time.

That error message suggests that you are running out of memory. It would be good to watch the memory graph in your task manager while the operation is underway to confirm.

937 images is much more than I ever intended for the slideshow feature. I had considered to put a hard limit on the number of clips. But the problem with that it the limit is dictated by the amount of RAM installed - so a limit might be right for some systems but not others.

Your workaround to add 100 images at a time is a good work around. Thank you for sharing that.

In the short term, I do not plan to try to add any limits (due to uncertainty in what the limit should be) nor reduce the memory consumption of the operation (due the the large amount of effort to optimize that). But I will keep an eye on the use of the feature and maybe we will find some ways to improve it in the future.

Thanks Brian.
The total number of images used in a slideshow is correlated to their single duration.
I used to fill up to 1000 pics for 3secs each into a max 50 minutes video with Windows Movie Maker.
Unfortunately with the increase of images resolution of modern devices, WMM is not more capable to manage these projects, and the Windows 10 Photos app has not much options for video creations. That’s why I’m trying to use Shotcut.
I will continue with the workaround until better memory management is implemented.

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