Size problem [SOLVED]

Hi everyone, it’s my first post here, and sorry for my bad english

I actually work on Shotcut, and i have a problem.
In my videos, i use images (like emotes), in a second video track

But sometimes, when i apply a filter on a picture, my whole video changing size and getting small
I don’t know how to fix it, and i actually have a small video, unusable…

Thanks for help, and sorry again for my english ^^’

With such little information it is unlikely that anyone will be able to help. For example, does it happen with any filter you apply or just a specific one?

Please upload a screenshot of the whole Shotcut window when this happens, then at least people will be able to actually see the problem and maybe suggest a solution.

it happened when I inserted an emote on the second video track, and used the “size and position” filter to resize the emote. The emote was not selected, and the filter seems to have applied to the entire video, but cannot reverse

You might have applied it to the Output. Click on Output, and remove the filter.

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Problem solved ! Thanks a lot !

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