Size+position GUI- hide mask in middle of Video

I work a lot with masks with size+position filter and always have the problem that the GUI (point in the middle with rotated line) covers the view to the mask. I very often use very (!) small simple form mask (and often keyframes) to enlarge or follow details.

If the object to be masked in the middle of the picture hides the point or strain the mask to adjust it very precisely.

I have to hide the size filter (GUI) every time to see how exactly the mask is.

Is it possible to hide the GUI from size/position while (use) positioning the size filter? It is only possible to hide the GUI if you don’t work on the filter, but that’s not helpful …

This screenshots example are not very good, because I often create very small masks and that would not be easy to see here. But I think you can see what I mean (GUI size/position+mask)

Sorry my English, i hope it is understandable?

Uploading: Shotcut-Filter-Maske-Größe-GUI-Probl-loop1.mp4…

I cannot see the Video i made for example :frowning:

Hi @paulshots

At the moment there is no way to hide the GUI, or VUI (Video User Interface) as I think it is called in Shotcut.
But it is on the road map.


This will be a welcomed addition. For those particular times when the rectangle, the line or the dots are hiding crucial pixels.

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Thank you for the information! Good to know that this is planned :slight_smile: I hope that it will come in the next versions …

Another thing:
Can you briefly tell me how I put an image or video (example) here in a post - just like the others? It didn’t work for me as you see here. I should only have to upload it? I have not found instructions in the forum … :frowning: I have never had such a problem … (in other forums).

Greetings, Paulshots

Simply drag the image or the video (4 megs maximum) into the area where you write your post.



Such a quick answer - thank you! :+1:

Now I know where the problem was probably. The video I wanted to upload had 4.134 Kb. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the editor how high the limit is (?). So thank you very much, then hopefully it should work the next time :slight_smile:

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Just guessing here, but in your first attempt, maybe you’ve hit the Reply (Send) button before the file was done uploading? Or maybe it was simply too big?

In case of files bigger than 4 megs, like videos or GIFs, one solution is too upload them on YouTube, Streamable, or imgbox (in case of GIFs) and post the link here on Shotcut.

It remained on 100% upload for a very long time and the button was grayed out. I tried several times. It will probably have been minimally too big.

Ok, thank you very much (for all information), it helped me a lot! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Your help and explanations are very comprehensive. I have had this problem before. Many thanks.

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