Size and position / Two text filters

2 little questions:

  • if i change the size of a video to zoom in a certain part, does this change/diminish the resolution ?

  • Is it possible to add text step by step without using two different video timeline ?

With the text: HTML (HTML Overlay) filter you can do this and much more. See:

The Size and Position and Rotate & Scale request the full resolution of the source image/video instead of using an image scaled to the project resolution in order to use the maximum possible detail.

Is it possible to zoom in “slowly” with the keyframes ?
The problem is, that if i use the size and position filter, and fade in with the key frames, the video moves in “stages”… first the position and then the size… it looks weired…
Any solution for this ?

Look at this thread.

I’ve found a very good tutorial that helped me:

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