Simple workflow to tighten a long shot and cut extract?


I’m trying to move away from closed source android video editing apps and I’m utterly lost among all the options and can’t find one that is as smooth with shotcut.

Need: I have a 10 min long gopro raw movie, say of whales.

I want to make a movie of 1m30 long, with 5 best moments.

I tried to use:

  • set in (ctrl + I) and out ctrl+o) and add them to a playlist, but I can only have one in and out per file?
  • I tried to use markers (span), but then didn’t see how to use them beside exporting each clip separately, I’m not sure what the markers are used for
  • I then split the clip at each marker and deleted the parts I don’t want, and then I had to manually move each part next to each other, and then the markers are definitely at the wrong place

I’ve done some color correction (white balance+contrast)
I would still need to have some fade in/fade out on blue, I see examples on how to do that for each clip separately, is there a way to apply to each clip? do I need to use two tracks?

and last but not the least: all is shot in 4k but exported in 2.7k, so I’d like to zoom on some part for some of the clip (whales are too far away on some), but can’t find a way to use the position/zoom, any tip welcome


P.S. yes, very newbie to shotcut, and failed to find a “simple editing” tutorial (at least one that covers a recent version)

Hi, sorry for the delay in answering.

Marker description can be found here:

It sounds like you managed to work most things out. Each time you mark an in and out point (from the source window) you can either drag that to the timeline, or back to the playlist. Then from the same source you can create different in and out points and drag that new section to the playlist. And so on an so forth. So you can create multiple small snippets from the same video that all live in the playlist! You can also edit the properties of each of these so they have a distinct name for easy identification (otherwise it is difficult to tell in the playlist itself since it will only list the original video name).

Or, you can do as you have and drag the main video to the timeline and then edit out the junk. However, after splitting, before deleting the junk sections, you can activate the ripple button (also mess around with the “ripple all tracks” so you can see how that behaves). That way, as you delete, the spaces that are normally left are automatically removed and you don’t need to rearrange your items.

You will need to use the Size, position, & rotate (SPR) filter to implement the zoom with keyframes, depending on when and where you want that effect.

A cursory search on Youtube gives a lot of results for zooming:

Most of the things you are looking to do are covered in some shape or form in the tutorials and although some are old, the concepts are the same and I strongly recommend you take some time to watch them. Lots of future headaches can be avoided by doing so.

Despite their age, I would advise viewing the introductory and getting started tutorials:

I don’t fully understand what you are trying to do with the fades, so more information is required if the above tutorials don’t help (but they should). Good luck!

Thanks for the detailed answer!

I did try some of the tutorials, but as you mentioned, some seems to cover older versions and I didn’t recognise what I have installed much when looking at them, but I’ll assume it’s mostly cosmetic differences and most of the key concepts stay the same.

thanks for the ripple trick!

as for the fade in out, I saw how to apply it to each snippet, but - again comparing to android apps - I was hopeing there is a “put a fade in/out between each snippet” option

I’ll dig into keyframes and SPR filter


Keep at it, since the more time you spend inside Shotcut, the easier it becomes. You will be a whizz in no time!

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