Simple text / render problem / v. 21.06.29

did not search for duplicates, but…

[ when you don’t review export… ]


but i honestly like it for artistic points :wink:

Hi @ndq0345934
Did you use Text: Simple or Text: Rich ?
And what is the font ?
And while we’re at it, what was the Video Mode and the Export settings ?

I’m trying to reproduce the problem, but it comes out fine for me.

EDIT: …oh… Text: Simple… it’s in the title… :roll_eyes:

i know you won’t have clips, but maybe helpful: 2021-07-27_flightlog_partDeax__XL7.MP4.mlt (39.0 KB)

preview (video mode) is 1080p hd 30fps
but preview scaling is 720p

export is custom:


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