Shunting items along a track with the ripple effect


Should the ripple tool not budge everything along in a track’s timeline rather than creating transitions as you overlap items when dragging, or have I misunderstood its function?

Ripple has nothing to do with creating transitions or not. Ripple is implemented for when removing clips and trimming but not yet for moving a clip.

Oh yes, I know that much. But if you drag and drop an element expecting it to shift everything else further along the track, and it doesn’t, you get accidental crossover. Hence a dissolve transition that messes up the beginning of the next video and can’t be reversed unless you catch it quick and undo.

I’m not sure what is being dragged from where to where (left clip bordering right clip onto right clip with goal to move all clips in track to the right?) but perhaps this helps:

If you don’t care about inserting a clip but just want to move elements on one or multiple tracks to the right, just prepare an image to the size you want it to move, copy it and paste it into each track.

Yes, that’s exactly the plan - to save having to rearrange everything for the sake of one change. Great tip, thanks. :slight_smile:

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In multi-track projects, make sure to enable “Ripple All Tracks” in the timeline menu (I’ll be making an updated tutorial soon).


I like the sound of that. I had no idea it was even possible. That would have been a massive timesaver for my latest video - I’m up to 10 tracks so far.

Just a quick update on this: I’ve been using the insert image method to shift elements along the timeline though when I come to delete the placeholder image, the next clip/picture/audio in the sequence is deleted too, which is a bit scary. You’ve got to watch everything like a hawk in case you need to undo.

I’ve also noticed that if you insert two placeholder/spacer images side by side Shotcut will play nicely letting you delete them individually without nuking any of the items you intend to keep.

Surely there should be a facility something like SELECT ALL AFTER THIS and MOVE ALL SELECTED SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Closing this old topic. Maybe someone can provide updated examples/instructions in a new thread.