Should We Start a Lower Thirds Library?

Hey @bentacular ,

Good to hear that. Nice idea by the way.
I am searching for the best lower-thirds for my videos.
It would so delightful if you would think about sharing your lower-thirds with us and I am sure it would be useful to other shotcut users as well.

I wish you make a video on lower-thirds and ask the viewers to request you for the lower-thirds.
Then I would be the first one to get those.
Thank you for your time here.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Well that is a good Idea, because when we search lower third online it gives us a watermark or it is not customisable, So if shotcut could add lower third library that we make, it would make shotcut much better than other video editors and why not other libraries like no-copyright music, Pre-made stylish titles, Graphics and etc.

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Really good idea.


My pléasure.

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A lower thirds library is a cool idea. +1.

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Great idea Ben

I don’t know if this is what you had in mind, and I’m not even sure how the thing works, but I was looking at the GitHub website and the free plan might be the thing we need for storing and sharing the files. That and a dedicated thread in the Resource category of the forum (for promoting the files and linking to them in the repository)



Sounds good!

Here is one I created for myself.

And after shotcut gets an donation from anybody from our help (maybe some people will also donate him) and if he wants he should also buy domain with shotcut logo on top and resources text on its right. And then donate all free resources with the forum members help. (now it is totally same thing that I meant)

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I used shotcut to make this.

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took more than 2 hours.

What is/are lower thirds?

Hi @camerart Lower thirds are animated titles that are in down-left or down-right position of our video. For example see this video that I posted in this topic only:

Hi A,
Ok, thanks.

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I used a “Lower-Third” technique on a project a while ago. However it was done using (guess what) HTML and CSS animations, so it’s not really a Shotcut Template. I’ll probably set up a page on my website to allow people to create their own by tailoring the colours, icon, text and timing. The example below is just a sample of this to show how the different parameters could be modified:


I didn’t bring this up initially because I made an assumption. But now it’s evident that wherever this library ends up, there needs to be clear licensing terms shown with each asset as well.

I assumed everything would be released Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY). That means “sell free resources” isn’t a thing. Hence, the need for clear terms if someone wants to charge for their work.

Speaking of which, does GitHub even have payment processor integration options if anyone was interested in going that route? I wasn’t aware of any, but I haven’t looked hard.


If this becomes a thing involving money, even receiving donations, I’m loosing all interest in this project.

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This will not be for money. This will just be a free repository for members of the forum, a way to curate lower thirds that have already been provided in the forum in so many different posts. We just want to dump it all in one place so. If you want to earn money for yourself, start your own repository.