Shotcut WMV playhead stuck

So I heard that I should change the video track from mjpeg to wmv in the properties tab, but once I do that, the playhead gets “stuck” and I click on pause and play, all it does is switch between the pause and play symbols and nothing happens. Basically the playhead stays wherever it is, but everything else seems to be fine.

I can still save it, then close out and go back in, but this never happened in the previous versions.

Can you share this or a similar WMV with me? I have one WMV file that has a mjpeg and a 29.97 wmv3 video track, and I cannot reproduce it.

Sure. It says the typical 90000fps at mjpeg and i have to change it to wmv3 then the problem occurs.

Here’s the link.

By the way, it is the version 19.04.30

OK, I reproduce that when I change the Track when the clip is in the Timeline but not when in Source. When I hit the problem, I can get it working after selecting a different clip or seeking to a different area of the timeline. It almost seems as if I have to wait a while. Not sure I will be able to fix it; not every clip you throw at it will work. But I will bookmark this and maybe get back to it.

In my problem it wouldn’t budge no matter what I did when the problem occurs.

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