Shotcut with different properties

I share a laptop with my sister. We have our own accounts. In my account I have a personal folder where I have disabled full control from my sister who is the administrator. When I move shotcut to my personal folder it doesn’t work properly. The presets options are gone and I can’t open or drop files. When I move it out of that folder it works properly. Why is that so? The laptop runs Windows 10. Shotcut version is 20.11.28.

The image shows when I open Shotcut when it is in the personal folder. I have blanked out the projects folder.

Have you tried to change the permissions of the folder back to see if the permissions are causing the problem?

Maybe there is something in name of the path to the folder that Shotcut does not like - like a space or special character. If so, try to make a simpler folder name and see if the problem persists.

It looks like you did not move all of the files in all of the sub folders. Instead of moving an installed version, simply download and extract the portable zip into your folder.

I did move all files.

There is a problem with permissions. I assume blocking the administrator causes Shotcut to not work properly.

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