Shotcut WebVfx filter with custom GLSL Shader


I’ve created a simple WebVfx filter with custom GLSL Shader.
May be useful for someone since there is currently no Shotcut WebVfx filters that use a custom shader.


Cool ! Can you explain what it does exactly ?

It decreases the saturation on darkest pixels.
Its useful in order to make low light digital noise more nice (instead of bluring it), at the cost of losing some color info in darkest areas.

But it is mainly an example of a simple filter with a custom GLSL shader; in a few days I’ve written 4 experimental filters like this one, its quite simple if you know GLSL. I don’t think this filter will be added to Shotcut, but it might be helpful for other developers as an example for making their own custom filters, since in shotcut there isn’t any WebVfx filter with a custom GLSL shader.

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