Shotcut video track disappears when Audacity track added

Just started using Shotcut. Load video track into project.Add audio track. Load Audacity track into new track. Audacity track was copied from original video track but enhanced in Audacity.
Lose the video track when I load in the Audacity track, Why ? how do I recover the video track that was in the Project. Audacity track is in WAV,

when I load in the Audacity track, Why ?

Please explain that better as there are multiple ways to do it. If you are using a toolbar button or keyboard shortcut, it depends on which track is current (yellow background), which you can change by clicking a track head or Up or Down.

Thank you for your quick response …ok I reloaded the programme and the issue seems to have cleared itself up. but I do wish to know if there is a more detailed and accurate way of aligning the new audio Audacity track with the muted video track… using the mouse I have doesn’t seem to be really accurate …

Use the mouse to position roughly then the arrow keys < > (not the less-than and greater-then) keys for fine adjustment.

many thanks for the tip…

I tried you suggestion but it doesn’t seem to work …all it does is seem to incrementally change the playback head (the white line cursor)
the only thing that seem to shift the actual track is the mouse which lacks the finesse…

one other question: why does the audio track which is part of the video (not the added audio track) seem to be out of sync with the video …does that make sense ? watching the original clip it seems fine …watching the same clip in the Shotcut timeline seems to drift in and out in places… is that possible?

Use the ‘<>’ arrows to position the playhead exactly where you want it. Make sure “snapping” is on (the inverted horseshoe magnet) then drag your clip with the mouse and once it gets close to the playhead it will “snap” to that position.

Regarding audio syncing see this thread: Issues With Audio Sync

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