Shotcut video to DVD?

I have a completed project on Shotcut. How do I get it onto a DVD? The must-haves: 1) retain resolution (1080p), 2) retain frame rate. The clip is about 5 minutes long and, in MP4, comes out to about 1.25 Gb; significantly less than the 4.3 Gb limit on single layer DVD’s. There is no need for a menu or anything similar. Clip goes on DVD; DVD goes in player; DVD displays on screen in its original form.

Outputting to a VOB file has proven to be ineffective. The clip is in a file that’s compressed to the point of being unusable.

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DVD does not support 1080p video

However, most DVD players and PC do support playing of MP4 video burned directly to disc.

MP4 burned, with ImgBurn, as a file. End of story. [/GRIN]