Shotcut version 21.03.21 crashed

In the play list there were two short videos. One dragged to the timeline, made some adjustments and selected to export it, and it started.
In the timeline replaced the video with the second one, made some adjustments and selected to export it, it was still pending.
Than added a third clip to the playlist, cleared the timeline, dragged the third clip to the timeline, when started to move it on the timeline, the mouse pointer became a rotating small blue circle and in seconds program crashed.
Launched the program, in the timeline there was the second video clip, selected to export it. When finished got a black video, no picture no sound.
Launched the program again - everything OK.
What was wrong as I described in the beginning ?
Answers will be appreciated.

window 10 pro 19041.928 x64

It is difficult to speculate. Perhaps you are experiencing multiple problems. For example, the crash may not be related to the black video.

Some ideas/suggestions:

  • Did you monitor the CPU/RAM usage during these operations? Perhaps the computer became overwhelmed if you were exporting while you loaded new clips into the timeline.

  • Did you know that you do not have to add a clip to the timeline to export it? You can export directly from the source player unless you need to use timeline features

  • For the video with black video and no sound, what export profile did you use? Did you change any advanced export settings?

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