Shotcut version 18.09.16 Crashes When Removing A Track Then Adding A Track To The Timeline

In order to replicate this crash, start Shotcut and add one video to the playlist. Bring that video to the timeline. Now remove the whole track by selecting “Remove Track”. Then go back to the playlist and add the same track again to the timeline. Shotcut will crash.

I first found this crash out when working multiple clips in my playlist that I made from the same one video and I thought that it had to do with multiple clips. Then I tested it out with different video clips in the playlist and it also crashed. That’s when I decided to test it with just one video in the playlist to find out it also crashed that way. So it doesn’t matter the amount of clips in the playlist. The crash is triggered by simply the action of removing the whole track then attempting to add a track back to the timeline.

I’m using Windows 10.

This bug has been fixed for the next release v18.10. Thanks

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