Shotcut using 96% of the CPU when exporting (Ryzen 5 7600x)

Hello everyone.

So im new to Shotcut. When I export, Shotcut uses 95-96% of the processor power.
How can I lower this? I don’t mind it taking a bit longer but uses a bit less power. I’m afraid it will ruin my processor when it uses that much power for like 30-40 min in one go and also it makes it harder to do something else while I export. Plus the processor goes up to 95C directly (which it’s supposed to acording to AMD, but im still a bit worried about that heat for so long).

I don’t use Hardware acceleration (which lowers the processor usage) because i’ve found that everytime I use it - my videos come out laggy for some reason.

I use either paralell processing or just without it as well. It’s the same thing with both.

I have tried lower the priority of the Melt.exe and Shotcut.exe, but it doesn’t make a difference.

Can anyone help?

Thank you.

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If you’re on Windows: open task manager, go to the Details tab, right click on melt.exe (during an export job) and select Set Affinity. You can now disable various cores so if you deselect half of them it will only use up to 50% of your CPU.

I don’t know if you need to do this every export, I assume so.

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Hello. Thank you. I will try that. But it doesn’t hurt the processor or anything like that doing that?

I don’t think using the cpu (or even a single core) at 100% can damage it, only heat can cause problems (in extreme cases and long run - think months) and the cpu is automatically throttled anyway to keep it under some maximum temperatures (95-105*C).

But of course I can’t be completely sure about your system. I wouldn’t worry at all for 100% usage over a few hours now and then, after all while playing modern games it’s most likely you are doing 100% of CPU+GPU for quite some time with no issues.

Yeah! I’ve actually stopped worrying about the heat after I read a long post on AMD:s website where they said it’s suppose to go up top 95C and it’s completely safe, and that it actually generates less heat than previous generation, because it’s much smaller even tho it gets that hot.

But yeah… I would prefer it still if it was like 50% load so you can also do something else and it doesnt take up all the power.

I will try your suggestion, thank you.

Some people worry about too low CPU usage and others too high.

Yeah, makes sense. Computers are like they are. You never know what they will do :roll_eyes:
Also depends on if you are a worried person or not I guess and if speed is more important to you than worrying about breaking your expensive processor

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