Shotcut suddenly only plays .mp4 and no .MTS?

I’ve used Shotcut for some months now. Today it did not play .m2ts videos. so I converted them to .mp4. Now they do play fine, but all the rest of the .MTS videos in the timeline don’t show up anymore; just a black screen and no audio. Its is the same for older projects too. Can anybody please help?

Now I see it does play .mov files too, but still no .MTS.

I think I am not gonna make it to 2021. Now in different projects .MOV and .MTS and MP4 clipst sometimes do and sometimes don’t play, even within the same timeline!? Also not from the playlist.

Try turning off proxy if you have that on.

I found out what I did wrong; I used multiple external hard disks, so when I replaced one all of its clips dissapeared without me noticing right away. Kinda stupid I guess, but then again I am not very IT smart. Thanks. I guess tjhis topic can be closed.

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