Shotcut suddenly crashing on the latest mac OS Ventura

I am having this problem only with VGA clips, 4k runs fine. By VGA I mean, just low visual quality, but the video is just mp4.

Shotcut does open the clip and can edit it, but at any moment (totally random) it crashes.

Any quick fix, or anything. I am not willing to share logs and stuff, it’s hard to import to an Android from a macbook.

Otherwise I will just forget it, and use the windows laptop to edit.

I’m still of the belief that good old e-mail attachments have their uses.

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Currently I am facing an old issue due to which gmail isn’t able to send or recieve files (restart, reboot,factory reset doesn’t work) . That’s the whole reason I said sharing from macOS to Android is hard.

The reason that I do not login this account on ventura because I simply just want to use that machine for heavy usage (chi, video editing, etc.). So I usually never use safari, except installation of software. The other thing is that I have lost my security key of the account, I can’t just logon to the ventura with it, and as I am using google to signup to the forum, I don’t have passwords in this forum account.