Shotcut Stabilize filter - usage considerations

I was playing with the stabilize filter. After several tests, I noticed that the optimal workflow for this filter is on a single clip and that transitions on the same track ruined the work.

For example:
I have two shaking videos. The degree of shaking is different between them, one is very sharp and one is lighter, so the analysis of each clip will yield different magnifications to avoid black edges.
When I join (by a transition) both clips, the result is not satisfactory because in the transition there are strange results.

Adding the stabilize filter to each of the clips (including the transition) is not the optimal solution either.

I came to the conclusion that each clip using the stabilize filter should not be combined by a transition on the same track. So to combine with other clips they must be on a different track (and combine using perhaps fade in fade out with opacity).
Am I wrong, am I doing something wrong?
I saw some time ago there was talk about rendering the whole clip, but with this method, no intermediate rendering is needed.
I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m hesitant to post this in the documentation, but it would be great to incorporate this information (if appropriate)


There also other situations where single-track transitions can give strange results.

Early on, I transitioned from single-track editing to multiple tracks. I found that the flexibility advantages of this mode outweighed the loss of the ability to quickly make a transition by “drag-over and pick a transition style”.
I frequently use a pair of tracks (and occasionally three) containing the same playlist item, so that I can apply different effects, then transition from one track to the other.

That’s the “go to” method of transition when using multiple tracks. Using Filters (such as Mask and S,P,R) with Keyframes, there are a great variety of transitions that can be created. They only take a little more work than the quick method available when doing single-track transition.

Your English writing ability is excellent. These days, very few Americans are able to write this clearly and correctly.


I thought that if my conclusion on this is correct, it would be interesting to have this filter workflow in the documentation. I think that this way this knowledge would be readily available to any user who was interested.

I use the online translator DeepL supplemented with the Grammarly add-on.
Still, many times I have to check and double-check by translating from English to Spanish with another online translator (Google or Bing translator).

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With several excellent translation programs available online, (I use Google Translate), I believe the time has come for the Shotcut forum guidelines to be changed; instead of saying everyone should post in English, say that if English ability is limited, to post both in native language and translation, or post in native language and request (in English) translation service, naming the language. There are now many Forum participants who routinely help out by translating posts.

The problem with the present Forum guideline is exemplified in an current thread where it looks to me (and I could be wrong) that everyone here is misunderstanding the problem being presented, and the entire thing easily sorted out if the OP would restate the problem in his native Russian, and let us find translations.

Writing in native language and translation to English, I think it would not be a bad idea.
But, if, for example, the thread title is not in English, it will only attract users of that other language and the chances of solving the problem or query will drop drastically.
Having forum sections categorized by language is also impractical if there is no regular user base in those languages. In addition, the information would be scattered and the attention to those sections in other languages could not be as constant by the developers (who interact in the forum continuously) because they would be using their time to translate, make sense of the translation and answer what they think is the problem. I understand that occasionally the same thing can happen (that thread you mention), but I don’t think it’s something usual or critical enough to not have flexibility about any misunderstanding.
Anyway, before there were queries in Spanish (for example) that I translated so that other people could help. I would let the user know (sometimes by PM) that I included translation to increase the number of people who could help. Several users have done this a while ago, however the queries increase and there comes a time when it is not manageable to do that all the time.

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Fortunately, one of the Forum privileges we earn by the “Regular” badge is Title Editing.

Just today I added an English translation to the Portuguese title of a post by a newbie.

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I’m looking at it now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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