Shotcut severely Downgrading Audio Quality

Okay shotcut is starting to really piss me off. So i spent 4 hours editing a Vlog for YouTube and when I exported it and rewatched it after: my voice was fine, but the music I put for my montages, intros and outros sounded terrible. The claps, snares and hats and just the whole music itself sounds terrible. Shotcut had either downgraded the audio quality of the music or the render of the audio messed up. This isn’t the first time this has happened, it’s been happening the past 3 months for me… and I’m sick and tired of it. Can anyone please help me? (Note: the music quality in the editor itself is very good but once exported sounds like shit)

what are the export parameters?
in what format and with which codec?
do you use an export preset or custom settings?
the problem may be just a bad sound encoding setting

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