Shotcut running slow

So recently Shotcut has been running very slowly on my laptop. A few features have continued to run smoothly, like the player and scrolling through the timeline but making any edit or navigating through menus, Shotcut will slow to a crawl and/or stop responding.
This is strange to me as as before, Shotcut would run excellently with Preview Scaling on but now even with that and proxies, they seem to make no difference. Any suggestions would be greatly apprecieated!

Specifications -
Processor AMD Ryzen 3 4300U with Radeon Graphics, 2700 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
OS Windows 11 v. 10.0.22000 (previously windows 10, faced the same issues there)

Would be happy to provide more info if needed

Oh and of course the Shotcut version is 21.12.24, though i rolled back to 21.09.13 and had the same problems.

It’s able to run shotcut, but it is still not enough for smooth performance.

Having a better CPU, such as i9, makes it noticeably fast for me. There is not much difference between performance for shotcut on my nvidia 1660 and my rtx 3090. So GPU might not be necessary. RAM for sure, really matters and is important, and you almost have a good ram speed (not amount of ram) , because that’s the first thing you even need to run your pc.

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hey, thanks for the quick response!
The thing is is that I used to get a fairly smooth performance with the specs that I have up until fairly recently, what could’ve changed?

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One possibility for this is, you are working on big projects and it takes more resources. But it might not be true, I exactly don’t know what’s happening with the system.

Maybe set shotcut to high performance in the task manager, but it would take more electricity or battery than before. Because it will be its full power then. But provide much smoother experience.

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One thing more to make your performance smoother is to use proxy clips and preview scaling. It might really improve performance.

Hey, so I did some more looking around and I think the problem might be with the project file itself as working on a different project Shotcut seems to run decently.
Will do some more looking to see something has gone wrong with that particular project file or if its due to the amount of clips in the project, in which case Shotcut has slowed down on my computer, as similar project files have worked fine in the past.

Thx and goodnight for now!

It could be as simple as the features and filters that you are using in your project. More tracks and filters require more processing. Some filters are more intensive than others. The size, position and rotate filter is particularly resource intensive.

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