Shotcut rezing and getting rid of blackbars

Hi, my videos have black bars on the top and bottom. Does anyone know how to rezise it so it doesn’t show? Because I cant make it go off the thingy.

Best place to start is by viewing the many Developer and user tutorials available.

Hi and welcome! I just made a short video to demonstrate how the crop filter works. In the video I am just playing with the controls to show what can be done. It acts like a zoom if you tweak both the bottom/top and the left/right sliders. Hope it helps!

jonray, any chance of reviving your video on removing black bars?

Search is unreliable - dormant, closed and incomplete threads.

Hi, I found my video and put it on Youtube. HOWEVER, It’s 3 years old, the Crop filter has been renamed Crop:source, and it’s better to use the Rotate and Scale filter.

Here’s my short demo anyway:

If you have black bars on the side as a result of having a portrait video taken on a smartphone, you may be interested in watching this video made by @shotcut. Watch from 4:10 - he shows how to fill the black bars with a blurred background without the need to zoom the original.