The cursor turns into a revolving blue circle of doom. The header at the top flashes to “Not Responding”. The program closes itself.
Sometimes it happens right after I open it, often when I open my project, and sometimes when I do the slightest thing (e.g. clicking the ‘source’ tab when it’s on ‘project’).
I can’t stop it. I can’t fix it. I need someone who can. Please help me. This project is needed tomorrow, I just have to add the credits, but I can’t!!!
It’s like 10 pm here and I’m sick from sleep deprivation from trying to get this video done through Shotcut constantly crashing. HELP MEEEE

P.S.- I used Shotcut on a previous, much bigger, project and it was FINE. So THANK YOU SHOTCUT for only randomly dying when I actually need you.

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I guess you’re using W10, I say I guess by the blue circular cursor, but it wouldn’t be bad if a help request was accompanied by more information, for example, the Operating System, the Shotcut version, etc. However, you can try this:

Look for the location of the project folder, write down the location and as a precaution make a copy somewhere else (you can also add to that new folder the media clips (videos, audio, images, etc) that you have used in that project).
Uninstall Shotcut (you can also use the geek application to remove traces in the registry).
Restart your computer and install the latest version of Shotcut.
Open Shotcut and see if it starts correctly. If it works correctly, open the project file (in the location you noted).
This should open the Shotcut project and load the video files. If you used a non-standard filter (which is not in the Shotcut installation package), you should include the non-standard filter files in the Shotcut installation folder.
Any information, screenshot or log report will be helpful so that someone can help you.

Thanks! I will try that. Sorry I forgot to say what I was using! (oops)

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