Shotcut portable takes forever to load

Used several portable versions 17.12 17.10 and 17.8 – all extremely slow to load; stuck at 'loading plugins’
When it finally loads it restarts normally until I reboot, then the process repeats. Sometimes I have to use task manager to shut down stalled attempt to start. No error log is ever created
Windows 10 64 bit
Great program if it would just run :unamused:

How many PCs have you tried this on?
Have you tried a different USB stick or external drive?

Just downloaded 17.12.06 (portable) and it loads and runs just fine here btw.

Hello Steve: I’m an idiot. I copied Shotcut folder from c: to d: drive and it runs fine. So I added an exception to Windows Defender for shotcut.exe on C: and all is well. Nothing like missing the obvious.
It would be nice if Defender would flag an exe and give the user a choice…
Thank you for your suggestion!! :+1: