Shotcut not loading videos

Hey all,

So I have this project I’ve been working on (I’ve saved it dw) and some parts of the video keep messing up.

So this video is a simple video and I piece different videos together to create one coherent timeline. However, when I opened the projet again, everything was still in place but when I played the videos, some parts of the video are blank and mute.

It’s weird because not all the videos did this. the ones I shot with my camera are fine, but the ones I shot with a gopro and a friend’s Nikon camera appear black when played in the project.

everything is still in place so positioning is not much of a problem, but it would be a hassle to go over every video again and place it in the place of the old video. is there any way on how I can retrieve my info?

Sounds like you have one of two issues.

  1. Not saving the project before closing. Shotcut doesn’t autosave your project. If you open your project make 2 edits, then close it without saving again, those 2 edits are gone.

  2. You have moved your Source Videos, or the drives/folders they are in are not accessible when you open Shotcut again. While Shotcut doesn’t change any of your source material, the project code writes where the files are on your computer to that project file. You can read more about that here: Project Management

If neither of these match what’s going in, you’re going to have to provide a lot more information of aspects of your projects, from settings, to source file specifications.

This can happen if you modified or transcoded the files outside of Shotcut.

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