Shotcut not allowing me to place new clip where I want on the timeling

ok, I’m editing clips together, piece of this, peice of that, to stitch two halves of a conversation together. but it will not allow me suddenly to place a clip where I want to. It’s just a hair too far over or too far away. I try to slowly slide to where I want and it snaps to the wrong place.


Click the highlighted magnet icon in your screenshot to turn off snapping, or hold Alt while dragging to temporarily suspend snap.

I turned that magnet thing off and it still sometimes does it.

That is probably because it must still snap to a frame position. You cannot position a clip in the middle of a frame.

but I’m trying to line them up one right after the other. I don’t want overlap, I want seamless transitions

Try zoom in temporarily the timeline. Sometimes clips refuse to stick to the playhead or to be placed exactly where you want them. If you zoom in the timeline more or less, this works.

Zoom in helps by increasing precision, especially on a laptop trackpad that can be difficult to control.

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