Shotcut no sound fedora31 after updates

been reading all night topic shotcut/no sound and it appears the answer is not properly addressed.

While working in shotcut no sound tho present (imported videos) after fedora30 dnf update*****
if ignored and render video, playing in other video player works fine WITH sound…so shotcut just not playing sound somehow –

Installed completely fresh redone laptop Fedora 31 last night; again, no sound ONLY happening while working in shotcut. It was also installed differently, using the new SNAP feature (dnf update before).

Dennedy, if this is your topic as all answers so far are from you…it seems to be an issue with Fedora31 shotcut installation not having all the dependencies…one of your answers were to check on a page for deps that looks something like this:
linux/ubuntu, (dependencies…)
Fedora (listed two which i installed),
then Generic Deps (of which most say not found when dnf install tried).

Would you kindly give a list of all dependencies MISSING/not coming prepacked in shotcut recently, so that us soundless Fedora et al folks can get it back working?

SNAP for Fedora31 install in particular has numerous similar soundless shotcut complaints googled, but no solutions. (was working fine till updated yada yada)

the audio on imported videos IS truly there with meter showing it, volumes all up, and when output is played in other app it shows the sound fine…its SHOTCUT not installing properly missing deps.
Thanks Dennedy

Sound output uses SDL 2. This is where you need to start looking and testing. Try to find another program that uses it, and try it. I think ffplay from FFmpeg stil uses it. The list of dependencies not bundled depends partly on the distro, but basically the bundling process finds all library dependencies of the executable and plugins recursively with exclusions based on the AppImage exclusion list here:

Since you are on Fedora, I strongly recommend that you try and use the Flatpak.

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