Shotcut mp4 Outputvideo doesn't startable via WMP or other player

Hi, I’m Mc.
I’m a movie cutting newby.

What I have:
I’ve digitized old Super 8 movies with a Somikon HD-XL movie scanner & digitizer for Super 8 and 8 mm.

The output format is MPEG-4, H.264, AVC
Aspect ratio 4: 3
20 fps
full screen progressive

I use:
Windows 10
Shotcut version 19.02.28

I tried to cut the movies with Shotcut.
But everytime I “export file”, windows media player or other player are not be able to play the movie. The original outputmovie are playable.

It dosen’t matter if i cut the movie or don’t change anything. The movie keeps unplayable.
I didn’t change the moviesettings.

The Video Mode ist Automatic

I can not find any reason for that problem, please help.


You are probably making changes in Export > Advanced and do not know what you are doing. Or, you are choosing an export preset that is not compatible with the Windows media player. Our default export is definitely compatible with it.

Also, if you have hardware encoder turned on in export, that might be causing a problem, and you should try again after turning that off.

Hi there,
and big thanks.

I first didn’t change nothing, and used Automatic Video Mode and The codec libx264.
I thought that has to be correct.

After you told me to change the codec, I tried it with the default Video settings and the codec “standard for …”, it worked.
Than I tried the default settings again with codec MPEG-4, it worked fine.

I’m confused because the original Video has the codec H.264 and settings like I wrote in my post.
I thought H.264 = libx264 , why it didn’t work?

Can anybody tell me the best settings?

The hardware encoder is turned off, because I do not have any hardware encoding equipment.

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