Shotcut Made itself crash

ok all that i did was added 1 simple effect on an image and shotcut made itself crash by Making the image significitly small in a matter of seconds therfor shotcut couldn’t handle how fast the image was being changed and crashed Without me doing very much

You’ll need to help the devs with a bit more detail than that :smiley:

How do you know that?

Because it crashed. so i just issumed it couldn’t handle

If you’re asking for help resolving an issue, your best bet is to share what your operating system is, what version of Shotcut you’re running, and a very specific set of steps that consistently cause the crash, such that other users can reproduce it. Maybe even post a screenshot right before the crash would happen.

Given what you’ve told us so far, the issue could be Shotcut, or it could be something unique to your computer, or a source file. If another user can reproduce the crash, then it’s probably Shotcut.

Never wise to Issume.