Shotcut just created a 35 mins video even though it should have been 19mins

I just created my second video with shotcut. I have two video tracks. My video on V1 ends at the 19mins mark, but V2 has a dark green band that runs until the 35 mins mark. There’s no content there. So why did it export a full 35 mins video with a black screen for the last third of the video?

Somewhere way at the end of your timeline there is probably a tiny clip that you might not be able to see. It could be on any track. Scroll the timeline way over to the end, zoom waaaaay in and see if you can find and delete the clip.

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You are a genius, thanks! I had a 1 second audio clip at the very end that I needed to delete. Second question that I couldn’t figure out is the swipe animation. I see some goofy ones like fly from left/right/top/bottom, etc. but not swipe. I would have loved to figure that out for my last video, but I settled for a simple “appear”.

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