Shotcut is slow after update (v. 23.05.14)

Hello, after the last update Shotcut is terribly slow. As I drag the window around the desktop it gets a little slow, this never happened before. It does the same work in the program. Has anything happened since the last update ?
I haven’t made any changes to my PC. I also tried reinstalling the drivers to the latest studio driver v. 531.61 and no result.

Shotcut version is: 23.05.14 for Windows 11
The problem started after the last update

My spec:
Intel i7 3.60 9700K GHz
MSI RTX 2070 Super 8GB GDDR6
Windows 11 (all latest updates (clean system 3 months after installation)



Unable to reproduce with RTX 3060 on Windows 11. You might have some system extension such as a power tool or GPU gaming helper installed causing a problem.

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I have the same issue here, did a quick video trying to show the issue: (13) Shotcut Window Issue - YouTube
The interface gets slowed down and mouse feels really slow inside Shotcut Window.

Edit: I double-checked if there was any overlay or software trying to hook on Shotcut, and retried on clean boot, problem persists.

Ryzen 5 3600
RTX 3060 Ti
Windows 11 22H2

Same problem like you.

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That screencast video is useless. Moving the main window is slower? How is that really a problem?

Yes, that screencast didn’t capture this completely, the overall interface is slower than on previous version. Mouse is moving like it’s skipping frames. Just tried an older version and it’s much better on my system.

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Here I show the same thing on my system with NVIDIA RTX 3060 using 4K display with 150% scaling (fractional scaling is slower).

Just want to add that I believe this is a legitimate issue. I’m experiencing the same thing since the last update. Trying to manipulate tracks or just interact with the interface while editing in general is definitely less responsive now. I haven’t made any changes to my system that would explain this. I think I might roll back to the previous version to see how that goes, but as for 23.05.14 it’s undoubtedly slower.


Experiencing the same issues here. Now even splitting a clip isn’t that responsive anymore. Everything looks slower and less responsive. Probably gonna roll back to a previous version :frowning:

I tried version 23.05.07 and it was about the same. Then I went back to version 23.04.02 and it’s MUCH better. I highly recommend trying 23.04.02 if you’re having performance issues with the current release.

You can try removing the Shotcut registry settings (or rename its key to move it out of the way and have a backup) to see if that makes a difference.

When I installed an older version, I opted to retain my existing registry settings and still found massive improvement rolling back to 23.04.02, so I don’t think the registry settings are the issue.

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