Shotcut is not rendering my video

Hello, I have been using Shotcut for almost two years now, without an issue. However, today that all changed. Today, I tried to render a video but for some reason, it only rendered the audio. Afterwards, I looked all over the Shotcut website for help. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any. While I was still searching for help, the Shotcut video editing software, informed me that an update was available. So as always, I updated Shotcut to the latest version. After doing this, I attempted to once again, render my video. It started rendering for a couple of seconds, then it completely stopped on it’s own. I didn’t change any settings today or ever since I first started using Shotcut. Can somebody please help?

Two thoughts:

  1. The “Use hardware encoder” box is checked. Has it always been? Try exporting with it unchecked.

  2. Open the Jobs panel, right-click the failed job, view the job log, and send it to us so we can tell what kind of error happened.

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