Shotcut is haunted


I thought YouTube had introduced a weird glitch to a video I uploaded, then checked my source and realised it was there too. Transitioning between two clips (fade to/from black) this rectangular box flashes up for a split second in two places like a blocky bolt of lightning and then is gone… probably to slope off and torment a newly wed couple with small children who have just moved into a conspicuously spooky mansion expecting to live happily ever after. :smiley:

The video was unlisted and now deleted as I need to make some more changes, otherwise I’d link to it.


If the glitch is present in your source, then it’s not a bug in Shotcut.


Sorry, by source I meant the video I uploaded as opposed to the post-processing version I watched on YouTube. Not the original separate clip that was included in my video, that’s fine.


You’re on a Shotcut forum where ‘source’ always refers your original [captured] footage.
Good to stick to standard terminology when posting here, saves time and confusion.


Okey doke, I’ll know for the future.