Shotcut is broken

eversince today it keeps telling me to do a update i was editing a video then it crashed went back on to my video then crashed 2 more times and undid some of my saved progress went to do the update cuz maybe thats the reason i did it and still the same problem i cant even do anything on this program anymore and theres no other programs i feel are as good it was working fine and perfect for months idk whats going on
rip shotcut i just deleted it all redownloaded it same thing just wasted a hour on making a video i cant extract nor keep editing

What version were you on, what version are you on now. What hardware are you using, does it crash on a new project, can you upload the files anywhere, were you using gpu accelleration…

im not sure what version i was on i turned on the gpu thingy and had to re edit the whole video cause i lost all the progress waited like a hour after fully deleteing the program and re downloaded it seems fine now after wasting 2 hours on it but like i said in the top was working 100% normal before today if it happens like it did again ill make a video to show you guys

I’ve found that enabling gpu rendering can break previous projects, you may find if you disable it your old projects work just fine.

I get weird, unexplained behavior like this if I try to use HTML overlays, so now I avoid them, or try to jump over segments on the timeline where I know I’ve applied them to older projects. They render fine, just won’t display in the editor without crashing/freezing.