Shotcut installed but wont execute


Ok so you’re right. The right driver version for my graphics card (GeForce 7050) is 304.137. That’s why the resolution freaked with 384. I’ve installed it ok i think, this happens…

$ lsmod | grep nvidia
nvidia 11407360 31
drm 352256 3 nvidia

now the shotcut boot says this…

~$ shotcut
[Debug ] <static ShotcutSettings& ShotcutSettings::singleton()> language “en_GB”
[Debug ] <static ShotcutSettings& ShotcutSettings::singleton()> deinterlacer “onefield”
[Debug ] <static ShotcutSettings& ShotcutSettings::singleton()> external monitor “”
[Debug ] <static ShotcutSettings& ShotcutSettings::singleton()> GPU processing false
[Debug ] <static ShotcutSettings& ShotcutSettings::singleton()> interpolation “nearest”
[Debug ] <static ShotcutSettings& ShotcutSettings::singleton()> video mode “”
[Debug ] <static ShotcutSettings& ShotcutSettings::singleton()> realtime true
[Info ] <Application::Application(int&, char**)> Starting Shotcut version 17.10.02
[Info ] <Application::Application(int&, char**)> Linux version
[Info ] <Application::Application(int&, char**)> number of logical cores = 2
[Info ] <Application::Application(int&, char**)> locale = QLocale(English, Latin, UnitedKingdom)
[Info ] <Application::Application(int&, char**)> install dir = “/snap/shotcut/12/”
[Info ] <Application::Application(int&, char**)> device pixel ratio = 1
libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found
libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast
[Debug ] MainWindow::changeTheme begin
[Debug ] MainWindow::changeTheme end
[Debug ] MainWindow::MainWindow() begin
[Warning] <> Unrecognized OpenGL version
[Warning] <> Unrecognized OpenGL version

Then nothing happens. I don’t even get a command prompt


I’m using ubuntu studio Xenial Xerus 16.0.3 LTS 64bit


I suspect that your OpenGL libraries are either missing, out of date, or corrupted. Which pretty much covers 100% of what might be wrong without suggesting 1% of how to fix that. I did a search with Synaptic Package Manager and came up with too many hits on OpenGL.

Looking at your lsmod results, they looked surprisingly sparse. This is what I get back:
system@system-p6531p:~$ lsmod | grep nvidia
nvidia_uvm 667648 0
nvidia_drm 45056 4
nvidia_modeset 843776 7 nvidia_drm
nvidia 13119488 458 nvidia_modeset,nvidia_uvm
drm_kms_helper 167936 1 nvidia_drm
drm 356352 7 nvidia_drm,drm_kms_helper

I wonder if something in your Nvidia installation took a dive.

Unfortunately, at this point I’ve hit the wall. I’m reluctant(!!) to suggest a possible route to reinstall X11, I can’t identify what lib’s should be reinstalled or installed. I do know X11 and OpenGL should be present with any installation. That you have a GUI desktop says X11 is alive and (presumably) well. If feasable, you could try a fresh Ubuntu installation, and see how Shotcut behaves. This is very much a “throw the spaghetti at the wall, and see what sticks” approach. After that… ya got me.

I think you’re better off asking specifically why a launch fails with OpenGL errors.


snap is notorious for having a problem with the nvidia brinary driver for apps that need opengl. I have posted about this multiple times in this forum with links to bugs, etc. I am not going to keep repeating myself - search “snap nvidia” and look around.


Hi, i got the very same problem in Manjaro linux. Was able to solve it by removing mlt-git packages and installing mlt packages.

So try to install mlt packages again, hope it helps!