Shotcut Freezes + Rendering issues

I’ve been having problems with Shotcut.
Dropping an existing mp4 file for editing works fine, and also the cutting (I didn’t use any other functionalities yet) worked really well.
However, when I wanted to export the edited file after saving as an .mlt, the rendering was stuck at 0%. I read that the checkbox for ‘parallel processing’ should be off, if the render gets stuck. But when I want to open the .mlt file again, Shotcut freezes entirely and nothing inside the program is clickable anymore. Thanks in advance for your help!

My specs:

CPU: AMD A10-6800K
GPU: GTX 960 2GB
1 TB HDD (i dont have an SSD unfortunately)

Not enough Ram. If you’re running Windows 10 (which you did not specify), you probably have less than 1gb available.

In Windows 10, hit the windows key, then “System Information”
Available Physical Memory (RAM) needs to be 4GB

My CPU msinfo32_2018-11-25_16-07-24

Shotcut just playing a mp4 clip 1920x1080 60fps. No filters, cuts or transitions.

Same mp4 clip, exporting to mp4, same resolution & fps. No filters, cuts or transitions.

Shotcut version 18.11.18 (Download the latest version here)

Thanks for the info!
If I’ll add 8 GB of RAM, will that be sufficient?
I noticed Shotcut uses like a 1000-something MB of RAM only when it’s opened…
I’m not sure if my CPU is sufficient, it’s 4.2 GHz but it’s quite old (2013).

In theory, yes adding memory would make Shotcut work better.

View computer advice. Not Shotcut related.

According to AMD’s support website:
You would have to seek out this specific type of memory, and you only have 2 channels.

Then you would have to read your Motherboard’s manual to see which memory configurations are supported. Motherboards have very specific orders in which memory must be installed.

Depending what other software you have installed, along with not having an SSD, may not improve the situation as you may expect. HDD’s come in two basic speeds, 5400rpm (slow) and 7200rpm. If your hard drive is an 5400rpm, this may be your whole issue, especially if you only have one hard driving running everything. Anti-virus, along with all of the Windows 10 bloatware that you manually have to disable/uninstall, can really bog down your computer using precious memory. I do think your CPU is certainly strong enough to handle the video, but the memory and possible slow hard drive is what’s holding you back.

If you’re willing to go under the hood, you may want to consider installing a large CPU Heatsink with a large fan attached to it. Your current CPU runs at 100w, which can get seriously hot. Measure the space of your case to ensure everything fits as I just pulled one example from NewEgg. Even if you don’t add a different heatsink, take up the current stock heatsink (carefully, with the CPU a bit warm) clean and replace the thermal paste on the heatsink & chip.

That is a seriously outdated CPU, if you’re willing to invest the money in memory and possibly a heatsink it may be worthwhile to look at a new mainboard+cpu, for refrence that 100w chip performs roughly as well on the cpu side as some sub 10w fanless mini pc’s I’ve reviewed. They CAN run shotcut but they’re not my first suggestion for it by any stretch, if you’re planning to edit a lot of video it will be worthwhile to consider a system upgrade. (not exaggerating, here’s a geekbench with a Gemini lake j5005 chip compared to that A10 the board it’s on is about 120 and fanless )

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