Shotcut filters BnA

This is part of a larger project I’m working on tentatively called “Columbia Inland”. Right now, I’m working with color grading within Shotcut. I’m able to get the overall contrast I’m looking for, but not necessarily the exact colors. This was shot on a Canon Powershot G9XmkII, and unfortunately I’m not finding any correction LUT’s that will will for me. No question, equipment is somewhat hampering the color quality of my video output right now. That said, I’m going to keep working with it to get closer to what I want, before I apply a creative LUT.

I also experimented with a gradient filter and was able to bring up the exposure level of the river in the foreground. I’m not seeing any tutorials for using a gradient filter, so if I can find a way to screencast my work in Shotcut, I might tackle that project. In this case, it was a helpful tool to discover.

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