Shotcut fails to open projects with a large number of playlist items

I created a project that has 173 playlist items. Maybe 2/3s are short video clips (10 seconds on average) and the rest are JPG image files. Two related issues. One, it took a long time for Shotcut to actually load all those resources. Two, after having worked on the video project for a few hours and saving everything, now today I can’t get the project to open. Maybe it will eventually open, I’m not sure. There’s no error message, but the application is busy and is not responding and it’s been over 30 minutes now. At a bare minimum, we have a severe performance issue. It shouldn’t take so long to load/open projects with a large number of playlist items. Possibly we have a worse issue where projects simply can’t be reopened.

Additional system info. Running on Windows 10 (latest version) from a desktop computer with a 7th gen Intel CPU with 16 GB ram. Looking at Task Manager, the Shotcut process is doing something. Consuming on average 15% of CPU time, but there is 0 disk activity. Seems like there should be some kind of disk activity when opening a project.

Hi koranke, I’m certainly no expert but I’ve learned a few things from the school of hard knocks. I also have a system similar to that you’ve described. I know you’ve waited a long time (over 30 minutes) but it’s worth waiting a while longer. SHOTCUT will sit motionless until the files are recovered. I’ve experienced a few crashes in the past where I’ve mismanaged SHOTCUT. The files luckily were autosaved and did eventually come back. However, in less time than 30 minutes. I always save my .MLT file, which I consider is simply a listing of where the files are, to the drive I render my output to. I save to my external drive which has loads of capacity and the need for high memory and swap file usage is not so critical. I’m sorry if this sounds confusing but I have found this works best for the projects I run. Another important point is that you should never move or subsequently delete the files you’ve added to the TIMELINE of your project until your project has been finally rendered. Again, I did this and found the word INVALID displayed where my image or video file was placed in the project. In short, leave the computer to try and recover the file(s). I know it’s frustrating but stick with it. SHOTCUT is the best after all.

Also consider that all those media files on the timeline have to be decoded (decompressed) into memory each time you re-open the file.

Well, that’s the thing, I didn’t have that much on the timeline. Those 173 media files were mainly just in the playlist. I only had maybe 4 minutes of video and photos on the timeline itself. It never did open. I finally just killed the application.