Shotcut failled - not

Sorry for my poor english, I am french :wink:
I use Shotcut for one year.
On the last release (August 2019) I have this message when I try to run Shotcut from a terminal :
β€œ./shotcut: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `MLTPP_6.18.0’ not found (required by ./shotcut)”

My system is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and package installed are :
ii libmlt++3 6.14.0+git201904202201~ubuntu18.04.1 amd64 MLT multimedia framework C++ wrapper (runtime)
ii libmlt-data 6.14.0+git201904202201~ubuntu18.04.1 all multimedia framework (data)
ii libmlt6 6.14.0+git201904202201~ubuntu18.04.1 amd64 multimedia framework (runtime)

How have I to configure my system to be able to run Shotcut ?

Thanks by advance,
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You are using a broken packages or you are running the portable archive build incorrectly. If you are using the portable archive you need to run the launcher script and not directly.

Thank you for solution.
Is the main difference …"%F" ?
I don’t understand how the %F could be involved into the linked library libmlt of Shotcut. May be I make wrong analyse…
How a desktop file could affect the launch of the executable of Shotcut ?

Could you help me to understand or give me a reference of documentation ?
Thanks by advance.

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