Shotcut exports parts of the video with higher playback speed

I am switching to Shotcut and currently i am doing my fist steps.

I exported my first video and everything went fine.
But I have the problem, that the parts in where i have used a filter on a video with keyframes, the video is “stuttering”. The rest of the video plays back as smooth as expected.
It seems like Shotcut is exporting the parts with keyframe in a higher playback speed.
Its kind of hard to explain, im sorry.

Am i doing something wrong?

I tried “parallel” enabled and disabled but nothing changed.
Also i could not find any thread regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance.

I doubt it.

Its kind of hard to explain, im sorry.

Yes, it is, which is why you probably need to post the video somewhere for people to see.

Which filter? The Time Remap filter?

I used Blur: Guassian and Crop: Rectangle for the video. I cannot upload it unfortunately.

I tried it again with another source video file and it work correctly.
Seems like it has something to do with the source video file of my first try.

Maybe that video has variable frame rate and is seeking poorly. Try converting it to edit-friendly first. If the stuttering video came from a cell phone, then it most definitely needs conversion.

I think this is the most likely cause. I also recommend to convert to edit-friendly. Let us know if that works better for you.

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