Shotcut exporting empty files

yesterday I installed shotcut and started editing. It all worked fine. I successfully exported a few versions of my video clip.
At some point (I can’t tell why or when) the export started failing to work. I can only say that shotcut was shut down by windows a few times. But editing worked fine again after reopening the program. So I didn’t pay much attention to it.
Now it still looks like shotcut exports video fine (only the export process is rather quick (30 seconds instead of maybe 3 minutes this morning). Only the resulting video files are empty. They each have a size of about 500kb, whareas a successfully exported file from this morning was 75MB.

So far I reinstalled shotcut and tried to help the problem by installing ffdshowtryouts and x264fvw. Neither was successful.
Please help!

OK. Found the solution myself in the FAQ. I needed to uninstall Shotcut, delete the RegKey (mentioned in the FAQ), reboot, reinstall é voila, it’s working again.