Shotcut Export Video Playback

Every time I try to export a video in mp4, the video shows up as an mp4 but whenever I try to either upload it to youtube or play it on my computer with windows 10, it keeps saying its in a format they don’t support. The same thing also happens whenever I try to import the video into a new shotcut project, it says “Failed to open.”

The first part of this happens to me on a frequent basis but it’s not really a problem. Just try loading it with VLC or something instead of your OS’ default player. For the youtube thing, there’s a youtube specific .mp4 exporting format that works on youtube more reliably than the other .mp4s. For the last part, I’m not sure. You should always be able to load both the project .mlt file and/or the exported result back into Shotcut. I would try resetting some export settings and choosing a new preset and try again.

Edit: a word

If your file is not on drive C: and you are using the latest version then this will happen.
A known bug which has apparently been fixed for the next release in Feb.