Shotcut Export test

Had too much time on my hands.

Cut a 10 second clip out of a 720p HQ video in MP4 format downloaded off YouTube.

Put it on the timeline. Then used every shotcut stock preset with default settings to export the clip. For a total of 73 exports. All the exports were successful except for two. Sony-PSP and stills/DPX failed.

All Audio exports were successful.

All video exports were successful except for 3 where Audio plays with no Video. DNxHD (atsc_720p…50 frames. Intermediate/MJPEG. And MJPEG.

All stills exports were successful except stills/DPX.

No filters were applied to the clip. All the exports were viewed with VLC and MPC-HC video players.

Shotcut has more export presets than the free versions of Lightworks, Resolve, and Hitfilm Express combined.

Shotcut 17.12.03
Windows 10 Pro 64.
HP i3 16GB ram Intel HD graphics 530.


Just watched the instruction video and was baffled by the absence of an Encode button.

Clearly these are obsolete now. Hopefully someone will make some new ones.

As a preference I’d prefer the same fellow. His voice is,…interesting.

Shotcut has an export button instead of encode. Some, not all the tutorial videos are obsolete.

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Shotcut 18.01.02.

Sony-PSP and stills/DPX still fail to export.

Intermediate/MJPEG. And MJPEG. Audio plays but no video.

DNxHD (atsc_720p…50 frames export is fixed. Audio and video play.:slight_smile:

Shotcut 18.03.02 update export test.

Sony-PSP export is fixed. Export works.

Intermediate/MJPEG. And MJPEG. export is fixed. Audio and Video play.

stills/DPX fails to export.

72 out of 73 export presets work.:+1::+1:

Shotcut 18.03.06 update export test.

stills/DPX fails to export.

Shotcut 18.05.03 update export test.

GIF Animation export works.

stills/DPX export is fixed. Export works.

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Persistence paid off - Like it.

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