shotcut export smaller than openshot

I am very novice for video editing and been experimenting with openshot and shotcut.
hopefully I will understand your answers.

export sizes are different for MP4 file. shotcut is smaller file size

.MOV 684MB ShotCut 20.07.11 export 70.9MB MP4 OpenShot 2.5.1 export 226MB MP4

Rebel camera MVI_1620_f16 copy_red.MOV windows 7 home edition
1920x1080 16:9 29fps time 00:02:03 data rate 44752kbps total bitrate 46288kbps
bit rate 1535kbps channels 2 (stereo) 48 kHz

no editing was done. was only testing exporting to MP4. I left most settings for both to whatever the program chose for exporting.

ShotCut 20.07.11 export 70.9MB MP4 from timeline
under stock: H.264 High profile
advanced tab
resolution 1920x1080
aspect rato 16:9 format MP4
frames/sec 30.00000…
scan mode: progressive
field order: none
deinterlacer: YADIF-temporal + spacial
(have no idea how to use the choices here)
interpolation: bileanar (good)
use preview scaling not checked
parallel processing not checked
codec tab
codec libx264 (both exports the same)
rate control: quality-based VBR
(have no idea how to use settings here)
quality: 55% crf=23
gop: 150 frames fixed not checked
B frames: 3
codec threads: 0 0=auto
disable video not checked
channels 2 sample 48000 codec aac (both are the same)
rate control: average bitrate 384b/s
movflags=+faststart preset=fast

OpenShot 2.5.1 export 226MB MP4
simple tab
profile : All Formats
target : cpu MP4 (h.264)
video profile : HD 1080p 30fps (1980x1080)
quality: high
advanced tab
export to: video and audio
start frame 1
end frame 3721
profile tab
HD 1080p 30fps (1920x1080)
width 1920 height 1080
aspect ratio 16 9
pixel ratio 1 1 frame rate 30 1
interlace no
image sequence settings -%05d.png
(wonder why it chose .png?)
video settings video format MP4
video codec libx264
bit rate/quality 15.00MB/s (this was already there)
audio settings
audio codec: aac
sample rate 48000 channel layout: stereo (2 channel)
bit rate quality: 192kb/s

You did not ask a question.

They are different sizes because they have different defaults for encoding parameters. Shotcut uses constant quality VBR rate control by default, but OpenShot uses average bitrate (ABR). VBR automatically adapts to the current resolution, frame rate, and video detail and motion; ABR does not. In Shotcut, you can change the rate control to ABR and set it to 15M to get something roughly the same, but if you simply want a bigger file for higher quality then leave rate control as it is and increase quality % a little, for example 65.

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thank you for your reply. sorry I didn’t ask a specific question. I was concerned about the export file size. .MOV 684MB getting alot smaller on export and shotcut made it smaller than openshot.

dont understand how VBR or ABR work. which is best quality wise?

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