Shotcut dont´t export ore export very slow


I like to use shotcut but since 2 Days i have the problem that shotcut does not export a video. Yesterday i had here a video that i tried to export. But shotcut didn´t export the video. Today i reinstalled shotcut. The same video didn´t export to. So i tried another video and that was export. But very slow. At i used shotcut first i was able to export a video verry fast. what can i do?
I´m using a i5 6500 4x3,2GHz and a GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB V-Ram

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Difficult to help if you don’t tell us more.
What kind of vidéo, what is slow…

And yes, exporting video is relatively long on this type of process.

If you just want to see a preview, just export with settings that are quicker, even if the result is heavy…

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So thank you :slight_smile:

I dosn´t understand what you mean. Do you have a example?
The video is round about 11 minuts, i will export it to the youtube template. In the video i´m using the filters Text and rotation.

For 11 minutes, how long would it takes.
For me x2 or x3 times of the viideo could be normal.

Is it 1080p export for Ex or 4K?
What are the clips prophétie? ex .MTS AVCHD in 1080p50
Or .mov 30p full hd.

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The vid is in the 1080x1920 format with round about 30fps.
Screenshot here.

Since over 1 hour i try to export the video an it´s currenty on 0%

Not normal…
Have you seen if the files created is at 0ko, or if it grows?

Try to run the program as admin and relaunch the export.
If not OK, reinstall completly.

Are you on the last version of shotcut? Did the mtl was created with an old version?

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that i did today with the newest version

a feew minutes after i started export its at 48 bytes ^^ so i think no ^^

The crazy thing is, this morning i was able to export another video with round about 20 minutes :?
So i will try to make the vid again not only take it from the .mtl file.

aunt edith: It wil do nothing to if i launch shotcut as admin :frowning:

And just erasing the start? First clip?

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Heureka! it works!
so thanks for this idea :slight_smile:
It looks like it will export like real time :slight_smile:
Thank you verry mutch!!!

I make short 40-second videos. I take about 3-6 frame shots and export them to the capable PC. They either stall or take a very long time to export - as in hours at least. I have three pending now, but their parent MP4 rendered and exported in 2 minutes. I can’t even delete the Jobs Pending. Ideas why and how to fix it?