Shotcut crashs on Windows

Hello I am new in shotcut .why shotcut immediately crashs when I choose video mode HD ?? and I have little Disruption in audio track when apply a filter on a video ,this disruption occur just when I start playing video from a points have a filter , but when it starts from first it plays very well. I have enough memory and all Requirements. relleay Appreciate all of your help.

Have you tried reading the FAQ?
Does your computer meet the minimum specifications?
Try uninstalling → Restart your computer → install Shotcut.

Can you talk in a formal way? Using correct words and conjunctions. Or if you don’t know English, try to write formally in your own language.

I am unable to understand what you want to say through your post.

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Shotcut keeps a logfile called:

C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\Local\Meltytech\Shotcut\shotcut-log.txt

Is there anything near the end of the log that gives a clue as to why it is happening?

Also, you need to supply more information. e.g. Does it crash as soon as you start it up. Does it crash after you have been editing for a while. Dones it crash when you are applying certain filters? Are you running out of memory?

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it crashs when I choose
video mode HD
I have enough memory and i have done reinstalling and shotcut kept in the suggestion location through installing.

We do not understand what that means. Use the words that you see in the user interface of things you are clicking. Try this: start Shotcut, from the menu choose File > Open, locate a video file and choose OK. Does it open and play in Shotcut?

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Yes all videos opened.

It’s not the suggested location by shotcut to download, it’s the default location, you could change that wherever you wish to download shotcut, shotcut itself doesn’t know where to download.

This doesn’t satisfy the requirements we need to solve your problem, can you take the screenshot of your system specifications, and also tell your shotcut version.

Try to convert your video to a edit-freindly video in the properties tab of your video in shotcut with the convert button.

If Shotcut crashes when changing the video mode while a project is open, I do not reproduce it. It is probably specific to your project, but I do not have your project. You can upload project file to a reply, and I will see if it happens to me when I substitute my media. Otherwise, you can edit the XML in a text editor and change the numbers in the <profile ... line. But do you really want to change the project’s video mode? Or do you want to change the default video mode for new projects?

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