Shotcut crashing while doing basic tasks


Recently, Shotcut has been crashing when I try to perform basic tasks like importing video and dragging video into the timeline. After I get past those two tasks, the application runs smoothly (more or less) but still crashes when I try to perform simple tasks such as clicking the add filter button. I am running Linux Mint 19.1 XFCE 64-bit, with 4 gigs of RAM and 2 Intel Celeron 2955U processors @1.4 GHz each. I am using Shotcut v19.01.24.



Where did you get your build of shotcut?


I use the 64 linux portable tar from fosshub. I have also tried the snap version but it had the same bugs.


I am not experiencing that. I suspect Shotcut’s heavy dependence on OpenGL for it’s UI is incompatible with your system’s OpenGL in the GPU and it’s driver.